Spherical Plain Bearings

Spherical plain bearings are manufactured in a wide variety of materials and are designed to offer bearing solutions in almost any operating environment. Asia Bearing offers a complete line of spherical bearings available in inch and metric. These High-Quality Spherical Plain Bearings are suitable for heavy-duty, off-highway vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction and mining and logging equipment, packaging and textile equipment, and robotics. The plain bearings come in standard industrial bore sizes from 0.5″ to 12″ inches, as well as metric sizes from as small as 4 to 300 mm. Custom sizes can also be ordered.

Spherical Plain Bearings Characteristics spherical_roller_bearing copy

Spherical Plain Bearings (also known as “Spherical Plane Bearings” “Spherical Ball Bushing Bearings” and “Ball Bushings”) have an inner ring with a sphere convex outside surface and an outer ring with a correspondingly sphere, but concave inside surface. Their design makes them particularly suitable for bearing arrangements where alignment movements between shaft and housing have to accommodate, or where oscillating or recurrent tilting movements must be permitted at relatively slow sliding speeds.

Asia Bearing’s spherical plain bearings are divided into two main categories based upon the need and ability for lubrication.

Maintenance-Free Spherical Plain Bearings
Spherical Plain Bearings Requiring Maintenance/Lubrication

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