Why Asia Bearing

WHY-USWide product range: Asia Bearing Co. has approximately 1,50,000 types of bearings. Asia Bearing Co.with its experience, can identify what the customer specifically wants even if the inquiries are not accurate or if they are unfamiliar. Also since Asia Bearing Co. deals with more than 10 major brands, it covers the whole range of bearings. Being thoroughly experienced, they can quickly and effectively respond to critical and non-standard bearing demands.

Best bearings under one-roof: Bearing you want, when you want it: denotes the massive warehouse and expertise of Asia Bearing Co.

On-time delivery

Exemplary service: In most of the cases, manufacturers like to do the higher volumes of business directly. Since Asia Bearing Co. has a huge network, large stock and wide experience, customers are satisfied in buying their requirement from Asia Bearing Co.

24 hour condition monitoring: Asia Bearing Co. have in their kitty more than 5,000 satisfied customers all across India that includes OEM’s and Processing Industry.

Installation maintenance: Asia Bearing Co. has a nation – wide network of 9 branch offices with a 80-member team.

Multi- Utility: To assure quality, timely response and delivery, price and service support.

Competitive Pricing: Asia Bearing Co. is direct Importer and a Mega distributor, there are no intermediaries and the prices are therefore very competitive.

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